Digital Accessibility

Accessibility (Section 508 Compliance)

Certain procedures exist that need to be followed when designing a UI Dark Mode. The team was careful to comply with the best practice checklist created during the research process in order to ensure accommodating WCAG accessibility standards. Material design specs and contrast checker were utilized to still maintain the look and feel of the Lennox brand.

What is Digital Accessibility

Digital accessibility has been somewhat in the background during past years, primarily applying to government websites which mandate compliance. The intent is to design and create content which can be used by everyone, regardless of their cognitive and motor skills. People have diverse needs, skills, and abilities. Lennox wanted to ensure this was considered when creating content for the web. Digital accessibility is achieved when everyone can equally perceive, navigate, interact and communicate with the content that is provided online or through other digital means. 

Why is it Important

Accessibility is about inclusivity and removal of all discrimination. We are living in a modern world with more services offered though digital channels.  The number of people accessing the internet continues to multiply. However, the majority of sites cannot be accessed by everyone, especially those with health conditions and disabilities. This is not just about individuals with these conditions or disabilities however, as accessibility can benefit everyone. By making content accessible, we provide a better user experience.

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