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Tax Management System

The existing Tax Management process was cumbersome and confusing. The user flow was based on legacy gray-scale screens, dependencies on running manual tasks in alternate software such as utilizing macros macros in  Excel, and barely legible reporting. These issues resulted  in extensive man hours, human error due to manual intervention, and delays at month end. A complete redesign of the interface was needed. 

Lennox International HVAC Technician Dark Mode

Lennox has identified an opportunity with its field techs when it was discovered that the techs encounter problems reading the screens of their mobile phones and tablets due to excessively bright light (sunshine when outside), low ambient lighting (attics and crawl spaces), and especially the adjustments necessary in going back and forth between the two environments. 

TITAN Associates Property Management

Titan Associates is a real estate property investment and management company with multiple single-family residences leased throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. Their assets are mid-sized homes in middle class neighborhoods, strategically purchased to be near amenities such as schools, parks and shopping in order to attract small or new families.

Everyone Smiles in the Same Language

The client, Denton Family Dentistry, is a dental practice located in Denton, Texas. They specialize in family care, but have a wide array of services. The main goal of this project was to work in a team of 5 to redesign the mobile and desktop versions of Denton Family Dentistry’s website.