Dark Mode Competitive Analysis


From the other applications’ Dark Mode that were reviewed, a few specific observations stand out that could be applicable to the objectives of this project.

• In this instance, the brand color of choice is red. That can still be effectively utilized without issue
• While the red remains, the shade is altered to be lighter as it is on a dark background and require contrast
• Color usage will need to be evaluated to ensure compliance is not compromised
• It is not necessary to capsulize each area, encasing it within a box 
• Opacity need is to be utilized to determine hierarchy
• The bright white background is responsible for the harshness in low level lighting and needs to be muted
• Functionality and layout remain exactly the same, unlike the design changing to accommodate mobile vs PC

Dark Mode

Screenshot_20210808-220701_Cinemark Theatres

Light Mode

Screenshot_20210808-220526_Cinemark Theatres
Screenshot_20210808-220712_Cinemark Theatres
Screenshot_20210808-220733_Cinemark Theatres
Screenshot_20210808-220649_Cinemark Theatres
Screenshot_20210808-220543_Cinemark Theatres